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Event Schedule

Date(s) Event Location Details
Jun 7-8 Oso High Enduro and XC Angelfire Bike Park Flyer, FB Event, Registration, Trail Map
Enduro courses and race schedule
XC courses and race schedule
Enduro Results: Pro 1, 2 3, Jr
XC Results: All
Aug 2 Los Alamos Enduro Fest Pajarito Ski Area FB Event, Registration, Trail Map,
Exhibition Event (no points towards series title)
Additional Info: losalamosendurofest.com
Aug 10 Sandia Bomber Sandia Peak Ski Area Flyer, FB Event, Registration, Trail Map,
Courses TBA early August
Sep 7 NMEC Finale Angelfire Bike Park Trail Map,
Courses TBA late August

Take advantage of Angelfire’s Stay and Ride package.

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Press Release

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Rules and Format

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OSO HIGH Enduro and XC Flyer

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OSO HIGH Enduro and XC Courses and Race Schedules

Enduro Courses: Trail Map

Stage 1: Ziggy to up Easy Street (for 200 yards)

Transition 1 -> 2: untimed up Easy Street to Angel’s Plunge start.

Stage 2: Angel’s Plunge to Lower Boogie to the bottom

Transition 2 -> 3: untimed to intersection of Easy Street and Duke

Stage 3: Duke to Easy Street to Boulder Dash (get on Boulder Dash just past World Cup) to bottom. (all timed)

Transition 3 -> 4: untimed to E

Stage 4: Start at E then ride Transition to F to Sierra to the bottom (all timed)

Transition 4 – 5: untimed to Drop Zone

Stage 5: Start at Drop Zone and ride up to Last Call on Easy Street. Ride down Last Call to finish which will be above the bike shop. (all timed)

Pros do all 5, age group does 1-4 and juniors do 1-3.

Enduro Schedule 6/7/2014
7:00 – 8:00 am: packet pickup @ Angelfire bike shop
8:00 am: mandatory Racer’s meeting
8:00 am: lifts start
9:00 am: Stage 1 start. order: Pro, Age Cat groups, Jr
Stage 2-5 start times will vary depending on finish times and # of racers

XC Courses: Pro 1 2 SS map, 3 Jr Dude/Dudette map

Pro, Cat 1: 4 laps counter-clockwise, 3.75 mi/lap, 650 ft. climbing/lap
Cat 2: 3 laps counter-clockwise, 3.75 mi/lap, 650 ft. climbing/lap
SS: 4 laps counter-clockwise, 3.75 mi/lap, 650 ft. climbing/lap
Cat 3, Jrs: 2 laps clockwise, 3.3 mi/lap, 550 ft. climbing/lap
Dude, Dudette: 1 lap clockwise, 3.3 mi/lap, 550 ft. climbing/lap

XC Schedule 6/8/2014
8:00 am – 9:30: packet pickup @ XC start line (continues until 11:30 for Cat 3, Jr, Dude/Dudette)
9:45 am: Mandatory Racer’s meeting (Pro,1,2,SS)
10:00 am: Pro, Cat 1, Cat 2, SS start
11:45 am: mandatory Racer’s meeting (all others)
12:00 am: Cat 3, Jr., Dude/Dudette start
2:00 pm: awards

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Sandia Bomber Enduro Flyer

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  • Q: Why did you choose to use the USAC CAT system when most enduros (including the BME and NAET which you link to) do not? Why do only cat 1 riders get to ride all 5 stages? I do not hold a CAT 1 licence in XC or DH but want to race all 5 stages. We are racing Enduro, XC or DH rankings should not apply.
    A: First year series, we will use USAC insurance and officials to assure a fair and safe event. Pro/Open is just that – open. The main goal in recommending CAT’d riders to race Pro or Amatuer age cat was to prevent sandbagging and XC racers getting in over their heads. Race what you’d like, race which category you’d like.
  • Q: Do I need a lift ticket?
    A: Yes, LIft tickets will need to be purchased for each event unless otherwise specified. All courses will start at or very near to the top of a lift.
  • Q: How long will each event be?
    A: Each event will have 3-5 runs so event durations will vary by which category you registered for. A 5 run event can run into the early afternoon so you’re looking at half a day for the entire event in that situation.
  • Q: How long will each course be?
    A: Courses will vary in length and terrain and can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes each.
  • Q: How will seeding for the starts be done?
    A: Self-select seeding for the first course and then after that it’s top 3 followed by self-select again.